Micro business management system

Focus the enterprise that transform micro-business channel,provide vary of micro-business’s management development.

Micro-business authorization system development

Specialize for develop micro-business authorization management system and authorization service solution

Micro business price control system development

Focus on chaotic pricing problem, develop a pricing control system that suitable for any type of business

Micro-business order system development

Provide for one-step order stock and deliver management system

The 8 type of system advantage

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    Agent team Authorization

    • Merchants -> General agent -> Multi-level agents
    • Automatic generated e-book authorization,by QR code sharing method to develop subordinate。
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    Leader dividend

    • A type of reward Micro-business leader,build a leader model team
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    Rebate reward

    • Easy to set up the rebate rule for all the level of agent
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    Prevent pricing controlling

    • agent, inquiry of counterfeit of product authorizing
    • One product, one code, guarantee the product will delivery to all level agent and finally will pass to the buyers.
    • Scan QR code to know more information about the product,prevent the effect of goods-fleeing
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    Marketing training

    • Update training in anytime,turn agent become stronger,more sales
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    Agent order,company delivery

    • Order replenishment,status can be check, effectively avoid delay orders, error order, missing order
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    On cloud inventory

    • The number of stock that agent have order and can be seen through and through
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    Agent feedback

    • Immediately know the information about agent’s first-line feedback that quickly reflects and adapts to market changes
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    Logistics management

    • Trace logistics status, transparent business generation

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